An interview with Devanny Pinn

1 ) You were just at the Scare-A-Cuse horror con this past weekend (October 15th and 16th) and I couldn’t get an interview with you there because your booth was ALWAYS busy,congrats on that,and I was wondering just how much does something like that take out of a person who’s doing meet and greets all day long?

Well just like at the end of the day after a con you go home tired from all the excitement- we do too! Scare-A-Cuse was especially crazy for me because it was the world premiere of a film thats very important to me, The Black Dahlia Haunting. So there were alot of things happening to get ready for that and promote in addition to meeting everyone. Although, I love what I do and I love to talk to and meet people who also enjoy the genre. It’s work but it is always a lot of fun!

2 ) You had the world premiere of your latest flick (The Black Dahlia Haunting) at the horror con;in what ways is it different than other haunting flicks?

Well I think this is the only “ghost movie” that doesn’t actually use that word. As a horror fan, the worst thing for me is to go into a movie already knowing whats going to happen. I think there are a lot of trends in the genre and especially in haunting films that pretty much allow you to guess whats going to go down. I am pretty proud to say that Dahlia is not one of those. I don’t think anyone who has seen it knew which way it was going to go. I can’t elaborate too much without giving away spoilers, but I will say that the director/writer Brandon Slagle, is known for very character driven stories and unusual twists in popular themes. I encourage everyone to give the film a chance and can promise something different than the norm!

3 ) How many creeps and weirdos did you meet at the con?

HAHA! Ok, well… yes they were there. And they usually find me, but to be honest I am a creep and a weirdo too. All are welcome at my table as long as you are respectful. Lets be honest, were there to check out paranormal stuff and horror movies- we are all a little off! I am proud to be a creeper.

4 ) You’ve done some topless stuff in the past;is it hard to get naked for film and if so what do you do to get ready for nude shoot?

Yes, I am an advocate for abstinence (part of my weirdo factor) so I am very shy and reserved about my body- which you would never know from my bikini photos. I love to challenge myself and when I knew I wanted a career in horror I knew that those were elements I would have to face. I was kind of nervous my first time, but I did a few more and was lucky to be on shoots where everyone was really cool and supportive. I don’t do as much these days because my boobs are small and I feel like the audience really deserves a great pair of D’s.

5 ) What’s a scream queen to you and do you think you’re one?

This has held different meanings for me. I got labeled one very early in my horror career and thought it was a compliment. I thought it meant that I did my job well. The last couple of years I have tried to stay away from the label as much because I think people associate it mainly as a bimbo in heels who becomes the victim in a slasher. Recently even female reviewers, models and even hardcore fans are being given the title. The films I do and roles I choose really focus on solid acting, characters that you identify with and films that I hope people take a little more seriously. I would love for the term to take a turn along with the horror genre itself and only bestow it upon iconic performers such as Jamie Lee Curtis.

6 ) What sub genre of horror is your favorite to work on?

I love torture porn, I enjoy exploitation, but easily my favorite is serial killers. I am lucky to be taking a turn into true-crime horror and I would love to do a couple serial killer bio pics. I think the scariest kind of horror is true life. What humans really do to each other is far more horrific than anything the most twisted writer can create.

7 ) Is the Casting Couch an issue in low budget indie horror world?

The casting couch is an issue EVERYWHERE. I don’t have as much of a problem with it because I am the girl who will publicly call you out on it and promote that you’re a scum bag as often as I promote my films. That got around really quickly and I have not had an issue there since. However, I, and many other girls will find themselves simply passed up for certain things. There are people who simply know that’s the only way they would get the role and producers/directors who don’t care who plays it as long as it works out in the back room for them. I even know a lot of A-listers who got to their celeb status by cashing in on the couch option. It’s there, it works for some. Me: fame is not my quest. I just want to make good films is so it’s not something I am interested in.

8 ) You’ve been on some “reality” shows and I’ve always wondered just how real they are. Can you tell the world or are you under a NDA?

It depends on the show honestly. Some shows literally get a script! Most of them try to encourage you to start drama or go this direction with a certain situation, but ultimately it’s your choice. However, you tend to stay on the show a little longer if the producers are getting what they want 🙂 So its a little bit of reality… but it is also a TV show. Entertainment is the main goal.

9 ) What kind of foods do you like?

BAD FOODS! I actually eat a lot of McDonalds, brownies, pasta, wonton soup, candy sushi, mac n cheese! Basically anything with a lot of carbs. I don’t know how I am still in shape…

10 ) Any tips for wanabe scream queens out there?

If you want to be a scream queen- just start calling yourself one. If you want to be an actress- study your craft! Networking works regardless so get involved in the scene. Attend events, watch movies, join groups or forums. Figure out what your goals are and look at others who are on similar paths! Many horror gals are really cool and will tell you ways to get started in various parts of the industry.

3 Random Questions

1 ) Magnum P.I or Simon & Simon: which one is a better detective show?


2 ) Does size really matter?

No way! (Ignore my previous answer haha) Just like with chics- there’s something for everyone. Being confident is way more important. If you’re happy with you, that’s way more attractive to a girl.

3 ) Is marriage an archaic institution?

I am a firm believer in marriage! I think it is sad how our society has let it slip… a lot of our culture in general has really been fading with this generation. Marriage has been a main goal and milestone in life for hundreds of years. Even uncivilized points in history show a lifelong monogamous relationship. I think all kinds of relationships with others is some of the most important things you can experience. I blame computers (she says as she types this interview) for intercepting the long time practice of interaction and human relations. Just like with the times, Marriage can go through some changes. For example I am a supporter of same sex marriages, but I think it is important for people to experience.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

THANK YOU. great questions, lots of fun

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