American Psycho arrives on 4K Ultra HD

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AmPsycho_3D_4K_OCardSit back, relax, and turn on some Phil Collins, becauseAmerican Psycho: Uncut Version arrives on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray™ and Digital) September 25 from Lionsgate. This groundbreaking thriller based on the acclaimed book by Bret Easton Ellis stars Academy Award® winners Christian Bale (Best Supporting Actor, The Fighter, 2010), Jared Leto (Best Supporting Actor, Dallas Buyers Club, 2013), and Reese Witherspoon (Best Actress, Walk the Line, 2005), alongside Academy Award® nominee Willem Dafoe (Best Supporting Actor, The Florida Project, 2017) as well as Justin Theroux and Josh Lucas. Experience four times the resolution of full HD with 4K along with Dolby Vision HDR, which brings entertainment to life through ultra-vivid picture quality. When compared to a standard picture, Dolby Vision can deliver spectacular colors, highlights that are up to 40 times brighter, and blacks that are 10 times darker. The release also features Dolby Atmos audio, which puts you in the action with bigger, more encompassing sound that fills your room – even overhead – to immerse you in your entertainment. The American Psycho: Uncut Version 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack is loaded with special features, including an all-new commentary by writer/director Mary Harron, and will be available for the suggested retail price of $22.99.

Patrick Bateman, a young, well-to-do man working on Wall Street at his father’s company, kills for no reason at all. As his life progresses, his hatred for the world becomes more and more intense. Based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis. Screenplay by Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner. Directed by Mary Harron.

Christina Bale                         The Dark Knight, American Hustle
Willem Dafoe                          The Florida Project, Platoon
Jared Leto                               Dallas Buyers Club, Suicide Squad
Josh Lucas                             A Beautiful Mind, Poseidon, Sweet Home Alabama
Samantha Mathis                   Super Mario Bros., Little Women, The Punisher
Matt Ross                               The Aviator, Face/Off
Bill Sage                                  TV’s “Hap and Leonard,”We Are What We Are
Chloë Sevigny                        Lean on Pete, Boys Don’t Cry
Cara Seymour                        Adaptation, You’ve Got Mail
Justin Theroux                        Mulholland Drive, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
Guinevere Turner                   Dogma, Chasing Amy
Reese Witherspoon                Walk the Line, Wild


·         NEW Audio Commentary with writer/director Mary Harron

·         Previously Recorded Audio Commentary with writer/director Mary Harron

·         Audio Commentary with writer Guinevere Turner

·         Deleted Scenes with optional director Audio Commentary

·         “The ‘80s: Downtown” Featurette

·         “American Psycho: From Book to Screen” Featurette

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