‘The Cat That Caught The Canary’ by Antoinette Corvo on Audible

Red Cape Publishing release ‘The Cat That Caught The Canary’ by Antoinette Corvo on AudibleRed Cape Publishing are pleased to announce the release of The Cat That Caught The Canary by Antoinette Corvo on Audible.

From Antoinette Corvo, author of Dirges in the Dark and The Ivory Tower, comes the hard-hitting drama The Cat That Caught The Canary. When an unloved child loses her only friend, she finds the courage to leave home and reinvent herself as Pearl Lancaster. Innocent and naïve, Pearl’s quest to become a theatre star puts her at the mercy of abusive teachers and predatory cult members. This is the story of one girl’s rise to fame and the desperate lengths she will go to in order to stay in the spotlight. Blood will be shed, tears will fall, but the show must go on.

The Cat That Caught The Canary is now available onAudio, paperback and digital version, included in Kindle Unlimited here: https://mybook.to/TheCat

Other stories from Antoinette Corvo which are also available on Audible includes the novella Dirges in the Dark https://mybook.to.Dirges and the short story, The Ivory Tower https://mybook.to/TheIvoryTower.

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