Halloween Horror Nights


Jason Blum & Lex Scott David Celebrate ‘The First Purge’ at Halloween Horror Nights

On Friday, September 14th Universal Studios rolled out the red carpet for the opening night celebration of “Halloween Horror Nights”! Filmmaker Jason Blum (The First Purge, Insidious, Get Out) and act...


Warner Bros. brings the goods to this year’s ‘Horror Made Here’ Halloween event!!

Its hard to be competitive in the arena of studio produced horror attractions with Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights taking center stage year after year. Warner Bros., however, looks dead set ...

Is Fox’s “The Exorcist” playing to the same tired teen horror tropes?

Although I think we can all agree that the very idea of an attempt to continue “The Exorcist” storyline after so many failed starts is a bad one. However, I think the approach they are usi...

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