Bible Black


J. Morvay releases Extended Cut of Bible Black: Lobster Girl & Other Tales

Filmmaker J. Morvay releases an extended cut of BIBLE BLACK: LOBSTER GIRL & OTHER TALES.   This new cut includes unifying stories of sex, horror, and fantasy.   BIBLE BLAC...


Review – Bible Black (2019)

What is Bible Black?   Is it a comic book, a film, a view of something larger coming later?  It is a short film approximately twenty two minutes long.  An anthology told through still drawn images wit...

4.2 Poor

Watch Jon Morvay’s Award Winning BIBLE BLACK for Free!

Jon Morvay has released BIBLE BLACK for FREE, but only for a limited time.  Watch Morvay’s disturbing tales of horror and find out why it’s been BANNED across the United States. ...


Bible Black | Official Trailer (2017)

From the release: “J. Morvay’s Bible Black, Episode 1 is now available on Amazon Video.   In the tradition of Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone comes a thrilling new hybrid of literature a...

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