The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia – First Official Clip

A unique exercise in terror in a form of an illegal psychotherapy, this is the first appearance of “NEURON” in front of Judy. Neuron’s “Terror Crew” uses projection mappi...

BOOK REVIEW – “Emma’s Army” book 4 of the series “Zombies Vs Robots” by Joe and Marisha Cautilli

This book is a different one. A very special sci-fi/cyberpunk story. This is the fourth of the series “Zombies Vs. Robots”, so the thread is already complex and with lots of information fo...


Jason London Led Dark Comedy ‘Get Married or Die’ Coming to VOD

108 Media, the global content distribution and development company presents Michael S. Feinstein’s comedy drama ‘Get Married or Die’ for worldwide release. The film is available in digital HD on iTune...


The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia Teaser Trailer Drops

The movie is a cyber crime psychological thriller about the first technically possible “red room” with live video streaming out of a deep web site, with the psychiatrist who is responsible...

picture of Pennywise painted on a motorcycle

Insane Pennywise Homage to Horror Motorcycle

Talk to me long enough and if you can get me to shut up about horror, you’ll see I’ll move right along to conspiracy theories, computers, muscle cars and MOTORCYCLES!!! This lil ditty just...


LGBT Slasher ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ Now on DVD!

Film Distributors Together Magic & Reel Nightmare Films are starting 2018 with the DVD release of their hit slasher film “Alpha Delta Zatan.” The film’s official synopsis reads: “In a frat house w...


The 1978 Halloween Trailer We Deserve?!?!?!

I’ve always had issues with the original trailer for Halloween. Too many reveals and strange pacing never really did the movie justice. Well, as if hearing my pleas, Youtube user James Chandler ...


“Better Watch Out” Now Streaming on Shudder

With the fate of most streaming networks changing so rapidly its hard to keep up with what we’re going to paying, let alone what we’re going to be seeing month to month. I’ve just co...


Bible Black | Official Trailer (2017)

From the release: “J. Morvay’s Bible Black, Episode 1 is now available on Amazon Video.   In the tradition of Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone comes a thrilling new hybrid of literature a...

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