SOEDESCO® partners with indie developer Gardenfiend Games

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SOEDESCO® collaborates with Gardenfiend Games
Working together to publish upcoming action-adventure horror title
Today SOEDESCO has announced their partnership with independent game development studio Gardenfiend Games. SOEDESCO is now the publisher for the developer’s upcoming action-adventure horror title Perennial Order expected to be released in 2023.

Developed by a worldwide team of professionals, the team at Gardenfiend Games are thrilled about the partnership: “We have been working on our passion project for over a year. It’s our debut game in a niche genre, but SOEDESCO saw the potential in us and our project. It was clear that SOEDESCO shared our excitement for the world we are creating. Our team is working hard to make something amazing for the fans of the boss rush and horror genres. With SOEDESCO’s support, the team will be able to fully realize our vision for Perennial Order. We’re confident that with their expertise and wonderful talent, they will be a fantastic partner for us.

Seeing this partnership as a great opportunity, SOEDESCO’s Business Development Manager Bas de Jonge also adds, “We’re beyond excited to join forces with Gardenfiends Games. The amount of passion they have for what they do is truly inspiring, and together, SOEDESCO and Gardenfiend Games will make this title the best it can be.”

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