“SEAS OF BLOOD” by Michael Whitehead – Stranded in the darkness, the only thing to cling to is your own sanity.

Michael Whitehead is a very well-known writer in the Horror world. His books based on historical facts have hunted the dark hearts of thousands of readers.

After a complete success with his two books of the series “Legion of the Undead”, readers speak:

“I’m a massive zombie fan but not so much a fan of historical fiction. But I was very pleasantly surprised. After getting used to the old-fashioned roman names I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this. It gave a great twist on the zompoc and creative ways of killing zombies without being able to use guns. Looking forward to the next one.” Jodie

“Fantastic book! Immediately felt for the main characters and got emotionally invested in the outcome of the story. Ticks all the boxes I could imagine being needed for fantasy/historical fiction/zombie literature. Can’t wait for the next one!” Paul Negus

“Brilliant read, kept me up all night as I could not put the book down. […] I definitely recommend a download and cannot wait to read more novels by this new author.” Lynn Flaherty

Now, with his new book “SEAS OF BLOOD” he provokes in the reader that kind of panic you feel when there’s no way out.

What could possibly be more terrifying… than having nowhere to escape to? 

Whitehead develops a terrific, spine-chilling thread where you can’t just put the book down.

“A tale of horror and madness. Insanity and murder will destroy the crew and passengers of The Madagascar, soaking them in blood and death. In the middle of the ocean, there is nowhere to hide. Stranded in the darkness, the only thing to cling to is your own sanity.

When malevolence and chaos threaten to over-run the passenger ship, the search for a new life becomes a race against time. Ancient evil will tear them apart and turn the seas to blood.

From the gold fields of Australia to the Indian Ocean, Seas of Blood is a tale of revenge and salvation. In 1853, when a robbery turns up more than anyone has bargained for, the lives of everybody aboard The Madagascar are put at risk. Crew and passengers face ancient malevolence, and an evil determined to seek revenge.”

Find the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078R1BJ4Z/

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