Review – WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW (2018 Short)

"With WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW, we got a winner"
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So many times, when you watch a movie, you hope it will be an experience that will make you want to re-watch it. With WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW, we got a winner. This short film has a running time of 8:32. The film is not short on entertainment.

Jakki (Jakki Jandrell) and Zack (Zack Ogle) are best friends living in an apartment. Zack has a love of all things occult and Jackie seems to have gotten tired of his enthusiasm for his artifacts. She keeps turning Zack down for plans that evening until he says he has a monkey’s paw. Jakki cannot wait to start using the monkey’s paw. Does no one ever learn when it comes to a monkey’s paw?

As you can guess bad things begin to happen and that is when the laughter starts. This movie is over the top and great ride. It has a short running time, but it delivers with comedy. There are mombies (yes, I said mombies), time paradoxes, possessed stuffed animals, dolls that cry blood, a demon box and a catchy end credits song.

The two roommates soon realize that they are over their heads with wishes gone bad. Try as they might, it seems as if this may be the end. However, one thing situation they created at the beginning may be the key to getting things back to normal. During their fight against the living dead and various other horrific situations they get into, Zack discovers Jakki is moving out of their apartment. If they survive and get out alive, Zack will have to find a new roommate. That is scary all by itself.

This film is well acted, well written and funny. The director, Aaron Pagniano, has delivered a great film and the editing is terrific. I would rate this at 8.5. I have watched it three times and look forward to watching it again.

Time is running out. Will Jakki and Zack survive and if so, who gets the dishes when Jakki moves out?

"With WE GOT A MONKEY’S PAW, we got a winner"

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