Review – The Wake #1

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So, we’re jumping on board a little late with this title, BUT I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series and thought we needed to devote a little time to it.

Doctor Archer, a marine biologist with specializations in cetological vocalizations is a little down on her luck. Shunned be her peers, ostracized from her prior affiliations, she’s struggling to regain control of her life and custody of her son. Approached by a long time detractor to user her specialty researching a mysterious recording, she jumps at the chance when her questionable but rich benefactor explains how he can help steer her custody case in a favorable direction. Archer soon finds herself aboard a deep sea oil rig with several other specialists from different fields and as one of the workers is rushed in bloody and screaming,  and suddenly we are treated to a glimpse of our REAL antagonist… but I don’t wanna spoil the first issue’s reveal for you just yet.

Scott Snyder (writer) and Sean Murphy (artist) do well complimenting each others style here and the result is pretty impressive. The book comes across BIG in both scope and execution and just FEELS like an event story from page one. In fact, if there is something The Wake does deftly well from its first image and word balloon is that it sets the hook in deep and by the time we flip the back cover we are certainly clamoring for more. There are some nice Lovecraftian elements here, a real sense of foreboding, and with Snyder at the helm, I’m sure there is plenty of horror yet to come in the following books of this ten issue series to satiate even the more discerning readers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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