Review – Sleep. Walk. Kill.

don’t compare it to anything else because it’s good and stands on its own
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Soooooo Sleep Walk Kill, first let me say this,  when you watch this and your opinion differs from mine, ok. If your opinion is that this movie was not good, or not worth it, you’re wrong.

 I liked the premise. 

I’ve never seen or heard of the concept laid out in the story. That earns huge bonus points for me. So many ideas have been hashed and rehashed and this was original. I found the people in the movie to be good fits in the roles portrayed, with the exception of the actress who played “Hazel”. To me she stood out as the best of the troupe. Her facial expressions, mannerisms and overall vibe really fit the character. She brought the creepy and at the right times and was never over the top. All of the folks who were involved did a good job. If you watch this type of film on a regular basis, you should know what you’re in for. You’re not going to get Sir Lawrence Olivier, you’re going to get people who wanted to make something and did their best to bring it forth. As a viewer accept that and move forward. These people did a good job. 

(On a side personal note, everybody thinks they can do it, until they have to. Then the wheels come off.)

I’m not one to give away spoilers or hint at outcomes so I’m not going to. 

But “this is my last sheet” cracked me up! Kudos on the delivery. 

I will say that the last 4-5 minutes of this film was AWESOME. Loved how it played out and the final scene was done perfectly to fit the vibe.

A solid 2.75 out of 5 stars and with a little better scene editing here and there and a little less camp at the beginning this could easily have gotten 3.5-3.75. 

So remember watch this for what it is, don’t compare it to anything else because it’s good and stands on its own. Stop expecting every indie film to be “Donnie Darko”  take each one for what it is, a labor of love for someone and accept it as just that. Then you can have some fun. 

  • review courtesy of MCPI Rob
don’t compare it to anything else because it’s good and stands on its own
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