Review – Fall (2022 Bluray)

Pure Anxiety!!
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Are you acrophobic? Do you love fear but also like to be touched in your feels? If so, this is totally the movie for you. Fall is 107 minutes of anxiety fueled thrills with just a hint of love.

Director/Writer Scott Mann and Co-Writer Johnathan Frank (Heist, The Tournament) have made a visually stunning piece of film that will keep your heart pounding from start to finish. The story of loss, grief and revival really pulled me in and the suspense kept me watching. This movie has it all, including twist and turns you won’t see coming. I mean, I saw a couple of them coming but you might not.

The Cinematography(MacGregor)is absolutely amazing. MacGregor’s film work makes you feel like you are hanging from the side of a mountain or 2000 feet in the air, stuck on a tiny platform in the sky. The entire film is very immersive and I blame this guy (MacGregor). MacGregor does not appear to have a long list of films attached to his name, but I will for sure be checking out the couple he does have and anything he does in the future. 

Our movie opens with some of MacGregor’s beautiful camera work. We meet our heroin Becky Connor(Grace Caroline Currey), best friend Shiloh Hunter(Virginia Gardner) and Dan Connor(Mason Gooding) free climbing the side of a mountain. Tragedy strikes and Dan is killed when an anchor dislodges. The story picks up one year after one of the most traumatic and tragic events that can happen to a person, the loss of a loved one. Becky has succumbed to her grief and spends her nights drinking. She has pushed everyone away including her father James(Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Enter best friend Shiloh who is now a social media sensation. She has come to try to bring Becky back to the land of the living. How you ask? By climbing a 2000 foot TV antenna to the tippy top. Reluctantly, Becky agrees to get back on the horse and make the climb. Want to know the rest? Well watch the movie! This isn’t Cliff Notes.

Currey, Gardner and Morgan’s performances are wonderfully real and full of raw emotion. Currey and Morgan’s scenes together were both heart breaking and heart warming. I could truly feel a father’s love and concern for his grieving daughter. Currey and Gardner really felt like best friends. The fear was all too real, but that may be due to my extreme fear of heights.

Ok, Ok, you want me to say something bad about it, Fine. There was one thing that stuck out. Becky climbs to the very top and mean very top of the TV tower to remove a light bulb and use the socket to charge the dead battery of a drone they had brought up with them. This had been foreshadowed earlier in the movie when the same thing is done to charge Becky’s cell phone in a diner. My issue isn’t the charging of the drone or the phone, I have no idea if that is possible, but if you remove a light bulb from the top of a TV tower, doesn’t somebody notice. I hope you’re all happy now, I was critical.

In short this movie grabbed me by my heart balls, squeezed and would not let go until the very last scene. The movie is a great watch and a fun ride. Enjoy!

In short this movie grabbed me by my heart balls, squeezed and would not let go until the very last scene.
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