Review – COME, SAID THE NIGHT (2019)

COME, SAID THE NIGHT is a film about a family trying to isolate themselves from the world and honor the memory of Magda Grady, the daughter and sister who passed a year earlier. Roy Grady, a father who is hands-on in the upbringing of his children, homeschools them and has them following a religion of gods and mythology. The problems start when his daughter, Sprout, starts to see what she believes is a gorgon. Roy reassures her the gorgons have all been killed. Have they been slain or is it just something she sees in her dreams? The gorgon is only one of the problems for the family. Stella Woodhouse, a local park ranger and her son have been visiting the Gradys. Roy has told Sprout and his son, Percy, that boys and girls don’t play together. Percy is supposed to be the only one playing with Stella’s son Max. Meanwhile, Sprout begins to notice the attraction between Roy and Stella. This becomes obvious to Sprout and begins to question the things she has been told and taught. What does her upbringing and the appearance of a gorgon mean in this coming of age tale?

COME, SAID THE NIGHT is a movie that really has to wind up to get going. It’s a good movie but it takes a while for the film to deliver details. The film is beautifully shot, the characters all have different personalities. No one seems to be a cookie cutter version of another character. There are several standout performances. Roy is the well meaning father played to the hilt by Lew Temple (Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood). Sprout Grady has the most complete character in the film. Nicole Moorea Sherman (My Haunted House) seems very natural as Sprout and is believable when the terror begins. Stella, the friendly lady ranger is played by Danielle Harris (Halloween -2007) is a great addition to this film. Stella is the love interest of Roy and befriends Sprout.

What the movie does well is character development and setting. It is beautifully shot with nice aerial photography. The sense of being isolated is well established early in the film. More music in the film would have added to the mood. If the movie was tightened up a bit to have a slightly shorter running time the film would benefit. The ending of the film is interesting and satisfying. This film is worth a look.  On a scale of 10, I would give COME, SAID THE NIGHT a 6.6. 

The ending of the film is interesting and satisfying. This film is worth a look.
  • solid cast
  • interesting premise
  • distracting score
  • suffers from uneven pacing

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