Red Billabong Exclusive: New images Revealed!

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Australian films are famous for villains; Wolf Creek’s Mick TaylorSnowtown’s John Bunting, Lola from The Loved Ones and who could forget Animal Kingdom’s Janine Cody terrifyingly portrayed by Jacki Weaver – a performance that earned the legendary Australian actress an Academy Award nomination.

Unfortunately not all of them hit the mark, especially the creatures, critters and varied wildlife gashing and slashing innocent victims in ways that hardly cause a jolt in viewers – Rogue, The Reef, Bait and even The Howling III: The Marsupials come to mind.

Cinema Australia were offered an exclusive look at a handful of scenes from upcoming thriller, Red Billabong recently which included a few shots of the film’s savage beast. Local audiences have been crying out for a worthy monster to rampage its way through a creature-feature for years and it looks like Red Billabong has delivered – It’s in a league of its own, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in an Australian film.

“I can’t recall another aussie film integrating a fully CGI character into a film like this.” said Red Billabongdirector, Luke Sparke. “We need to be sure it’s working – and it is. We’re plugging away at the visual effects. These things take time, but doing something never done before in Australian cinema takes even longer.” he added.

Other things we picked up from the early footage: Tim Pocock is suburb, it’s expertly crafted by director Luke Sparke, and the squeamish better come prepared – it’s bloody as hell!

For those wanting to see more than just the previously released teaser trailer Sparke told us, “There will be more build-up in the coming months. You’re going to love it!”

In the meantime, check out these exclusive Red Billabong images below.

Red Billabong Cinema Australia 1Red Billabong Cinema Australia 3Red Billabong Cinema Australia 4


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