“PARALLEL MINDS”/  Trailer and Official Posters Revealed 

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Black Mandala picks up a Canadian Sci-fi film, “PARALLEL MINDS”

Trailer and Official Posters Revealed

“The power of memories and their dangerous consequences”

Genre specialist sales outfit Black Mandala has acquired a Canadian Sci-fi film, “PARALLEL MINDS”, direct by Benjamin Ross Hayden. A journey in which mysticism and technology merge to give way to a detective thriller, where the most monstrous thoughts materialize to stalk us to death.

On the verge of the launch of Red Eye, a contact lens that has the power to record everything the eye can see and relive forgotten memories, Margo Elson, a researcher at the Department of Memory, discovers that her friend and main Red Eye programmer, have been murdered. Margo will team up with Thomas, a detective fighting his past, to discover the truth behind this revolutionary creation.

Directed by: Benjamin Ross Hayden.
Writing Credits: Benjamin Ross Hayden.
Cast: Greg Bryk, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Neil Napier, Madison Walsh, Michelle Thrush, Wilma Pelly, Chelsea Anne Green, Olivia Duke, Sam Duke, Stephane Legault, Ryan Northcott.
Cinematography by: Jeff Maher.
Music by: Alec Harrison.
Producers: Wendy Hill-Tout, Carolyn McMaster and René Collins.
Executive Producers: Jeremy Torrie, Drew Hayden Taylor and Greg Bryk.
Associate Producers: Kaari Autry.
Country: Canada.
Year: 2020.

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