New Trailers You May Have Missed This Week!

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FANGS OUT – Official Red Band and Green Band Trailers
Stadium Media and Summer Hill Films have released both a red band and green band trailer for TomCat Films’ biting new horror FANGS OUT, coming this May. A Group of college students head to Mexico for some cheap plastic surgery.
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Ahead of its West Coast premiere at Doclands on May 14, the trailer for a touching and inspiring documentary that shows the power of love, perseverance, and innovation that is a must-see for anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer.
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New Trailer : I’LL BE WATCHING – From the producers of ST. AGATHA
After Julie’s sister was murdered, she and her tech genius husband move to the country, and he installs a top-notch security system that he developed. When he leaves on a work trip, she gets trapped inside and is convinced that the killer is having fun playing a sick game of psychological torture, before killing her like her sister.
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New Trailer : THE CURSE OF WOLF MOUNTAIN starring Danny Trejo and Tobin Bell
Aj begins having dreams of his parents’ death. He decides to go back to the spot where they were killed, accompanied by his brother and his brother’s family.
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New Trailer Released for FASTWALKERS
Writer and director Darcy Weir announces the anticipated release of Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers. The exciting documentary will air May 2nd on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Vimeo internationally.
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