New Trailer & Poster released for horror comedy “Thursday the 12th” from director Brad Leo Lyon

No Need to Check the Calendar, it’s Time for “Thursday the 12th”
The trailer for director Brad Leo Lyon’s newest film is here!

Director Brad Leo Lyon’s newest trailer has finally released.
Thursday the 12this a new horror comedy in the realm of Evil Dead meets Kevin Smith’s Mallrats with a touch of Tucker & Dale Versus Evil. The movie co-stars such names as Todd Bridges (Different Strokes), Jena Sims (Kill the Messenger), Brian Sutherland (Z Nation), and Marilyn Ghigliotti. Lyon also portrays the character of Seth Franco opposite Sutherland’s James Rogen as the two misfit mall employees who upset a gypsy the week of Friday the 13th.

“This film has been a long time coming for me and is truly a personal journey of overcoming emotional obstacles in my career,” Lyon shares. “My mother passed away while we were originally filming this back in December of 2015 and my father later that following year when we began to move forward to finish the film. Finally seeing this movie come to completion is an awesome moment of closure that I hope they’d both be proud of.”

The film is slated for a limited theatrical run this summer. Advanced screenings begin in May with the director and co-star doing a national roadshow tour where he’ll also be appearing after each screening for Q & A sessions.

Thursday the 12thwas a continuation in Lyon’s early 2010’s run of horror comedies when he

created such films as Little Creeps and Monsters on Main Street. Numerous family tragedies and

the death of producing partners led to a roughly five-year hiatus until the expected arrival of
Thursday the 12thin April of 2020 that was delayed by the pandemic.
Additionally, a new Poster for the film is also being released at this time.

Thursday the 12th – Official Trailer (2021) – New Horror Comedy from director Brad Leo Lyon
Thursday the 12th – a new horror comedy from director Brad Leo Lyon.Two failed film school graduates closing in on their 30’s, the fearful Seth Franco and th…

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