New Stills of Award-Winning Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson “Los Angeles Shark Attack”

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New Stills of Award-Winning Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson “Los Angeles Shark Attack” starring Brinke Stevens, Mel Novakl Maria Olsen, Dawna Lee Heising, Alan Maxson, Alana Evans and Vida Ghaffari

New stills on the set of Dustin Ferguson’s Los Angeles Shark Attack have been leaked! The film stars Brinke Stevens (“Slumber Party Massacre”), Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”), Maria Olsen (“I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà vu”), Dawna Lee Heising (“Nemesis 5: The New Model”), Alan Maxson (“Godzilla: King of The Monsters”), Alana Evans (“Moon of the Blood Beast”) and Vida Ghaffari (“The Mindy Project”). 

In this film, the beaches of Los Angeles have been the scene of several recent grisly mutilations. With the bodies drenched with water and scars not resembling any modern street weapon, the Police begin to suspect it’s a rogue shark. With the much anticipated grand opening of a new beachside resort quickly approaching and the bodies beginning to pile up, it is up to marine biologists, Dr. Rebecca Mattei (Stevens) and her plucky sidekick Dr. Elaine Ripley (Ghaffari) to crack the case and help local authorities capture the animal before it’s too late.

Mike Ferguson, D.T. Carney, Thom Michael Mulligan, Julie Anne Prescott round out the cast of this thriller, which is toplined by Raymond Williams and Mia ScozzaFave. 

The legendary Chuck Cirino (“Chopping Mall”, “Sorority House Massacre 2”) handled cinematography and Alexys Paonessa (“Drive-in Grindhouse”) did the special effects for this film. 

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