Horror Director Patricia Chica presents the Unlimited Actor Method

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The Unlimited Actor, an inspiring new paradigm in actor training, shifts the focus of the art of acting from “thoughts” and “actions” into the realm of character “energy,” the fountain-spring from which thoughts and actions flow.

Award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica (Ceramic TangoSerpent’s LullabyA Tricky Treat), recognized for her innovative work with actors, invites performing artists of every skill level to join her for a 4-Day Retreatexploring The Unlimited Actor method. This technique was created by mentor and master teacher Nancy Mayans in New York. Mentored by Mayans, Chica has teamed up with another certified Mayans coach, Fátima López (Mexican actress and Best-Selling author) to create this cutting-edge workshop.

This unique and ground-breaking creative experience will be set against the backdrop of Tepoztlán, Mexico, a magical location renowned for its strong electro-magnetic field, adding an exciting charge to the powerful energy work.

Students will discover the empowering tools that expand their understanding of how energy galvanizes their character work using this effective method. They will quickly be able to craft nuanced performances through the use of sound, colour, laughter, and dance. These exercises are designed to help students access their Emotional Depth, increase the scope of their Imagination, sharpen their Focus, create a Radiant Presence, and move into their “creative zone” with confidence.

“Based on my years of experience as a director of actors and non-actors, I recommend this technique to any creative performing artist and filmmaker, as it infuses performances with an authenticity that is connected to the inner life force. You can also use this method to humanize darker characters (e. g. villains, monsters, zombies, vampires, werewolves, witches, psychopaths, victims) making them compelling and believable on screen. Production value elevates when you use these tools, especially in low budget genre films,” says acting coach Patricia Chica, who has been using energy work with the actors in all her award-winning films.

The Unlimited Actor expands the actor’s own commitment to the craft. It ignites an energy in them that magnifies all the other techniques they already have in their toolbox, and brings a greater depth and authenticity to the characters they play. As for filmmakers and stage directors this method empowers them with an understanding of how to use energy in their own creative work directing performances.

During this retreat, students will discover new possibilities and gain creative confidence. They are able to elevate their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual potential in order to reach a more connected performance,” adds Chica.


  • The Retreat includes 4 nights accommodation at the quiet 5-star Buena Vibra Resort & Spa, which is situated among nature and lush gardens;
  • Delicious homemade breakfast;
  • Vegan/gluten free snacks and lunches during the workshop;
  • Daily yoga and meditation with a Teacher;
  • Visit of El Tepozteco ancient Temple on top of the mountain;
  • Visit of the village, market, arts & craft shops and ice cream parlors;
  • Local transportation from & to airport and to the activities;
  • On the last day: a curative ceremony inside a Temazcal (pre-hispanic Sweat Lodge), guided by an indigenous shaman, for the cleansing of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Prices of the Retreat (excluding airfare) range from $1170 to $1740depending on the room size. Please register early as places are limited! We offer a $150 discount before December 24th, 2015. The perfect gift for the Holidays.

The Unlimited Actor Retreat gives a complete recharging of energy, creativity, and self-confidence to actors, performers and filmmakers.

For more information about The Unlimited Actor Retreat:


Site: http://patriciachica.wix.com/uaretreat

Email: UnlimitedActorRetreat@gmail.com

Tel. US/CAN: + 1 (310) 957-4508  •  Tel. Mexico: + 52 (55) 4381-8092





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