Holy Moly (1991) shot-on-video horror movie now on DVD

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Verboden Video has just premiered the 1991 shot-on-video horror movie, HOLY MOLY, on DVD in a shockingly thorough release. The disc contains the original 41-minute cut of the film, the 30-minute re-cut from 1999, director’s commentary on both versions of the movie, as well as the following extras:

– New interview with director/star Lance Ozanix (15 min)

– New interview with co-star/FX artist Rafael Robletto (9 min)

– Bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage (20 min)

– Original trailer

– Still gallery of the original, handwritten Holy Moly outline

– English SDH subtitles on the movies

Holy, a mild-mannered priest in a small town, runs into a demon after church one day. The demon, Vile Lynn, possesses Holy and forces him to kill. But Holy cannot deal with the guilt, and must confront the demon to stop the killing.

The movie features finger shearing, spine ripping, blood spraying, puke, demons, dismemberment, the living dead, nightmare creatures, the best drunken speech ever shot, numerous strange dental appliances, goofy dialogue, weird lighting, and more!

Holy Moly was directed by Lance Ozanix, the lead singer for thrash metal band Skitzo, known for his ability to vomit on command. The movie was originally distributed on VHS by Lance himself, eventually picking up some distribution from Blackest Heart Media. The VHS is long out of print, and the this is the first time the original cut, or any of the extras, has been released on DVD.

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