“THE GREAT BUDDHA ARRIVAL” – New Japanese DaiKaiju Film Reboot Adds Legendary Godzilla Actor!!


Legendary Godzilla and Japanese film actor Akira Takarada has joined the cast of our remake of the lost 1934 kaiju film!

First early teaser trailer:

The Great Buddha Arrival”

Produced And Directed by Hiroto Yokokawa

Writen by Hiroto Yokokawa,Yuki Yonezawa & Kazuma Yoneyama

The big Buddha statue design is by Keisuke Yoneyama whom Guillermo Del Toro is a big fan of.

Concept art by Takuma Asai

Music by Hiromi Shinoda

Cast: Masanori Kikuzawa / Yoshihiko Otsuki (Godzilla Final Wars) / Junichiro Nirasawa (Godzilla Final Wars) / Kazuma Yoneyama /Japanese rapper Yuma / Takashi Yasuda / Akira Takarada (Legendary Actor from Godzilla films)

Production staff: Karin Yamada / Ryo Kimoto / Hiroki Ishikawa

Consulting Producer/Publicist: Avery Guerra

Brain: Kensaku Sakai

Advisor: Kazuyoshi Butsuhara

Production: 3Y Film


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