Feardemic shows off in new horror games showreel!

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Wanna know what horror game releases to look out for in the near future? You won’t find anything better than Feardemic’s new showreel shining a spotlight on their upcoming titles!
Take a glimpse at all the horrors that await you in the future by watching Feardemic’s 2023 Showreel!
Horror games publisher Feardemic is definitely back with eyes on the prize after the Christmas break. They’re so busy in fact, that they had to create a showreel to condense all of the releases they have in the pipeline in a digestible format. The dynamic video which you can watch here, doesn’t mention any release dates but it does list out 7 games and which platforms they will be premiering on. Here’s a quick summary:
Remorse: The List
Buddy Simulator 1984
Nightmare Reaper
Project Nightmares
Burnhouse Lane
No Son of Mine
Nintendo Switch & Xbox
Xbox & PlayStation
Xbox & PlayStation
Nintendo Switch, Xbox & PlayStation
Nintendo Switch, Xbox & PlayStation
Nintendo Switch, Xbox & PlayStation
Nintendo Switch, Xbox & PlayStation
All of the listed titles are set to hit the e-shelves in the coming months and Feardemic encourages their fans to look out for more detailed information soon on their social media.
If you’d like to know more about the game, please visit the publisher’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. You can also join their Discord server.

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