Fandom speaks up on who should be the next Freddy Krueger with online petition

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The-Confession-Of-Fred-KruegerI think most genre enthusiasts will agree that attempting to reboot the Nightmare on Elm St. franchise has been with some rather mixed results. Sure, Jackie Earl Haley did the best he could with a rather horrible script, BUT we all unanimously agree that trying to fill Robert Englund‘s shoes is an almost insurmountable task. It does seem, however, that there might be a people’s champion that could step up and don the fedora should another relaunch be in the works. So many people believe in one particular actor that there is an online petition to push him up through the list of hopefuls. That man is Kevin Roach, the actor that played Krueger in the now uber successful fan film: “The Confession of Fred Krueger. So click the link here, sign the petition and let your voice be heard!!!

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Ash Hamilton is not only the owner of, but also one of its major contributors. A long time horror movie enthusiast, Ash has lent his personality to radio and television and continues to support his favorite genre through his writing and art. He also loves beef jerky and puppies... and low-grade street-quality hallucinogens.

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