ELLIOT: Available on DVD & VOD Mar 3rd


Written, Directed, and Edited by Craig Jacobson

Produced by Dreams For Dead Cats productions LLC

Starring Joshua Coffy, Robert Pristine Condition Gammel, Jay Sosnicki, Craig Jacobson, Cassandra Sechler, Rachel H. Toups, Anthony A. Russell, Julia Berkowitz, Stefano Lima, Anna Muravitskaya, Geoffrey Colburn, Matthew Macowski, and Phoebe Osborne

Available on VOD, DVD & a LTD VHS through Magnetic Magic Rentals March 3rd.

Writer/Director Craig Jacobson brings us the dismal world of ELLIOT. Set in the dark depths of a strange and mysterious power supply complex, ELLIOT tells the tale of a conflicted humanoid (Elliot, played by Joshua Coffy) struggling to maintain his reality and understand his true identity. Elliot is thrust into a disconcerting downward spiral of despair in which he is forced to recognize the perils of his own cognition and constructed ideals in a crumbling universe where the lines between fantasy, simulation, and reality are blurred, and the fibers of Elliot’s fragile existence are ruptured.

“Be prepared to run through the gamut of emotion, and in turn, experience disgust, fear, hope, and crushing despair.”

– Jeremiah Rosario, Thirteenth Floor

“ It is for the viewer who has built an armour-plated brain-case, made strong by loads of movies which try something different, that venture as far as possible on a low budget.”

– Jamie Dunn, Severed Cinema

To purchase or view the film visit the website: elliotthemovie.com

Elliot Teaser from Dreams for Dead Cats Productions on Vimeo.

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