Centipede! & Nobody Now Available from Bayview Entertainment

Centipede! crawling into your home from Bayview Entertainment

Centipede! is available now from Bayview Entertainment

Centipede! Synopsis
David and his adventurous group of friends embark upon an expedition within the deep and treacherous Shankali Caverns of India. As the group descends deep into the caves, they discover they have trapped themselves within the breeding den of giant black centipedes. Now they must find a way out of the caves and escape the terrifying overgrown insects.

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If you watch nothing else, watch NOBODY from Bayview Entertainment
Nobody is available now from Bayview Entertainment.

Nobody Synopsis
On a cold and endless winter night, a shadowy assassin commits a murder and is then attacked by an assailant who seems to anticipate his every move. He escapes, but an ominous phone call confirms the impossible: his mysterious would-be victim is still alive.

Time begins to fold in on itself. The people he has met don’t remember him. The wounds he sustained have vanished from his skin. He unwittingly kills a man whose body he himself had discovered only hours ago. He chases his own double, and as the two ends of the circle close in, he assassin gears up for a fateful confrontation with himself.

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