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by horrorfixon 11/01/2022
“A touch of immortality is a death sentence” Genre specialist Black Mandala presents the new horror action movie, “SKINFORD: DEATH SENTENCE”, directed by Nik Kacevski. A dangerous game, in an underworld with mad scientists and kidnapped women, where blood and eccentric gangsters abound. It’s like John Wick‘s and Kick-Ass meeting in a horror movie. “SKINFORD: […]

BHEDIYA (Wolf) the big budget Bollywood werewolf film!

by horrorfixon 10/26/2022
BHEDIYA (Wolf) the big budget Bollywood werewolf film!: Bhaskar gets bitten by a mythical wolf, and begins to transform into a creature himself. In order to find answers about his condition and turn himself back into a human he must then team with a group of ragtag buddies before it’s too late. Maddock Films […]

Interview – Raven’s Hollow Composer Robert Ellis-Geiger

Interview – Raven’s Hollow Composer Robert Ellis-Geiger

by horrorfixon 10/25/2022
As Halloween quickly approaches, audiences are looking for spooky movies to fill their October with. There are the obvious choices of Paramount Pictures’ Smile, Universal Pictures’ Halloween Ends and Lionsgate Film’s Prey for the Devil all being released theatrically. Then the streaming choices, such as Hulu’s Hellraiser, Amazon Prime’s Run Sweetheart Run and Netflix’s Wendell […]

Trailer Debut: Neo-Noir Thriller VIDE NOIR

by horrorfixon 10/19/2022
1091 PICTURES PRESENTS THE TRAILER DEBUT FOR NEO-NOIR THRILLER VIDE NOIR Available on Digital November 8th, 2022! Directed by: Ariel Vida (Lord Huron’s “The World Ender,” “The Night We Met” music videos; production designer on She Dies Tomorrow, Benson & Moorhead’s Synchronic and Something in the Dirt) Written by: Ben Schneider (founder, lead singer and […]

NIGHTMARE RADIO: THE NIGHT STALKER / Poster and Trailer Revelead

by horrorfixon 10/14/2022
Black Mandala presents “NIGHTMARE RADIO: THE NIGHT STALKER” Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker, the new film produced by New Zealand´s Black Mandala (a concept by Nicolás Onetti and Michael Kraetzer). With argentinean Charly Goitia, as the director of the main story, it stars Paula Brasca and Agustín Olcese. A radio show becomes a very dark […]

New Poster Unveiled Along With Crowdfunder For British Thriller DERELICT

by horrorfixon 10/14/2022
New Poster Unveiled Along With Crowdfunder For British Thriller DERELICT Crowdfunder for British independent movie DERELICT from the award-winning team behind successful horror Wyvern Hill is now live through Indiegogo. Inspired by a true story, Derelict is a harrowing and violent revenge thriller which focuses both on a daughter’s revenge and the circumstances that have […]

20th Century Studios’ and New Regency’s BARBARIAN Arrives on Digital October 25

by horrorfixon 10/10/2022
20th Century Studios’ and New Regency’s Barbarian Arrives on Digital October 25 20th Century Studios and New Regency present Barbarian, the scariest movie of the year. From writer/director Zach Cregger, and noted horror producer Roy Lee (The Ring, The Grudge, and It) comes a film both critics and audiences are raving about. The “exquisitely crafted […]

Official Trailer – Camp Pleasant

by horrorfixon 10/03/2022
Official Trailer release for Thomas Walton’s “Camp Pleasant Lake” starring Jonathan Lipnicki, Bonnie Arrons, and Michael Pare.  An enterprising couple, ‘the Rutherfords’ who decide to open a horror camp on the abandoned camp property (Camp Pleasant Lake) where a young girl ‘Echo Meadows’ was kidnapped, and her parents were brutally murdered 20 years prior. Camp Pleasant […]

Official Trailer : DEMONS AT DAWN – Coming this Halloween!

by horrorfixon 10/03/2022
VIEW AND SHARE THE TRAILER! ON DIGITAL OCTOBER 28 DEMONS AT DAWN Share the trailer!: STARRING JOHN ALTMAN OF ‘EASTENDERS’ From director Randy Kent and writer Chris Sanders, and coming this Halloween, beware the DEMONS AT DAWN. DEMONS AT DAWN will be available on digital platforms October 28 from Black Coppice Films Ltd. […]

ZOMBIE, serial killer short film from Joyce Carol Oates, is back for Halloween!

by horrorfixon 09/23/2022
ZOMBIE, a serial killer short film adapted from a story by Joyce Carol Oates, is back in time for Halloween! In time for Halloween, the short film ZOMBIE from writer and star Bill Connington and director Thomas Caruso, is making the rounds again. ZOMBIE is a 19 minute short film, based on the award-winning novella […]