BOOK REVIEW “The Silver Feather” by Joanne Van Leerdam

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I’m very happy I came across this book. I had never read anything from Van Leerdam and I’m greatly surprised.
This book is a sweet read, a horror little tale you’d love having next to your bed.

I love these short stories, it kind of reminds me of “Tales from the Crypt“, which I was a total fan when I was a kid. Short, sharp, right to the point, with a lesson, a horrific lesson. The reviews for this title are great, and it completely deserves it.

The author introduces all the essential elements to make a horror thread interesting and catching: suspense from the very first page, a little romance (without turning it into a strawberry cake, thank you), darkness, blood and paranormal creatures (which, of course, I’m not going to reveal because Leerdam’s suspense is too well sewed as to ruin it giving away any detail).

I know a book is good when I can’t help gesturing, talking or murmuring when I read. I did, with this little piece. It provokes in you, “Oh?!”, “Awm….” and “Ah! Well played…” moments. I’m making a little collection of books (in paperback, because they deserve to be honoured) I want to keep close, and I can tell you now, that this one is going to be there very soon. I loved it. In fact, I’m going to check other titles, because reading Leerdam has been one of the most pleasurable moments of this week.

My sincere congratulations to the author.

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