BOOK REVIEW – “Shadowmancer” by Jeremy Mac

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This book is a disturbing quick read. What starts looking like a simple teenager story ends up being an obscure tale electrifying the reader’s spine. I didn’t expect what I found in this title. Mac is very easy to read, so pleasurable, I can see why he gets so many good reviews.

The entrails of the story are centred in that fine line separating power and danger. The way you would lose control of your darkest side without realising you’re giving away the reigns.

The book is fresh, agile, you don’t notice time flies as you’re turning pages. All of it sewed with lots of sex, black humour and alcohol. Perfectly written, it will grab you from the very first chapter and when you finish you’ll need to know more. That’s Mac’s game. He knows how to catch your attention with cynical characters, speeding up scenes and continuous tension that makes you feel “something is going to happen, something bad.”

Not wasting time on descriptions, the author goes straight to the point. Suddenly all the scenarios get covered in a dark halo that engulfs them and we can see the transformation of the characters, without a way back. Who is taking control? Is he losing his mind? How blind can you get when you’re digging… your gift?

I personally loved the duality the author creates in the protagonist’s mind when he has to “decide” if he’s okay with what’s happening around him and because of him. To me, that was the most disturbing and why not terrifying, this window to horror is what grabbed me.

The reader surrenders to this web Mac creates, leaving you in a limbo… asking for more. A very enjoyable book with a disturbing threat that will make you watch your back once you close it. Congratulations to the author.

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