Bingo – A Complicated Japanese Masterpiece of a Horror Flick

The Japanese movie “Bingo” has magnificently recreated the game cherished by so many people around the world from a totally different perspective. The movie bases its storyline on a tale composed by horror writer Yusuke Yamada.

As bingo gamers would be enthusiastic about having their card numbers called, in this horror flick, those similar numbers cause fear and death.

In the world of this story, in future years to come, the death sentence in Japan has progressed to include the family of the victims. The families have been empowered to choose who related to the prisoner is to be executed. This is done by playing a game of bingo. As the numbers are picked, the prisoners fearfully anticipate their fate as they seat on numbered spaces organized to resemble a bingo card.

The film stars Sakiko Matsui and Kazuki Shimizu, who play Mayumi and Masaya respectively.

Masaya is one of the captives in the disastrous bingo hall awaiting their turn to die. Mayumi, on the other hand, is a member of staff in the surveillance room who operates the game.

Film Highlights

The thrill of this movie is how disturbing it is. When 25 convicts are brought together in the same room, it gets horrifying. They can all see the victims as their numbers are called out.


The events in the film allow any bingo player to easily relate to the typical harmless sound that complements winning awards on bingo night. The use of such subversion is effective. The popularity of bingo has been boosted over the years with the assistance of UK bingo websites that give fast and smooth game access. The movie revolves around Masaya and his childhood with a sense of thrill and high emotion.

Japanese horror movies have long had a reputation for getting your spine tingling.

Yusuke Yamada

It is good to keep in mind that Yusuke’s other projects are also based around games. He is often flipping regular games and turning them into extremely horrifying ordeals that mostly result in death.

Another novel he has written is “X Game,” a series that involves youths who’ve found themselves in a room. The young individuals are forced to take part in the “X Game.”

Usually, X Games would translate to something like “Extreme Games,” but. in this case, the letter “X” is associated with risk and danger.

The first part of this series involves 4 sixth-grade pupils who wake up inside a room in of their former elementary school after the suicide of their teacher. The four unwillingly take part in a set of games that requires them to reach a certain level to survive.


In both movies, the core theme is that of vengeance. The actions that the victims of the game did in the past. X Game seems to intend for their players to be punished for their “crimes” and suffer slowly as a result.

There are no haunted houses, cursed objects or scary ghosts in these games, but the suspense makes the films as tormenting as any other horror flick.

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