ATENA Release New Single & Music Video “Flash! – THUNDER”

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Latest Album “Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled With Water” Available On All Streaming Services
Experimental metalcore act ATENA drop a new single & music video titled “Flash! – THUNDER today, April 23! Once again, ATENA deliver an incredible genre-mix, this time, introducing elements of electronic music to their sound! If you need a workout track, “Flash! – THUNDER” will be your new HIIT fave! Drop into that high-octane energy, click on the link & listen to “Flash! – THUNDER”: or watch the video here:

ATENA comment on the single: “An energetic & motivating song great for work outs. Finding that inner spark when things are getting hard. We are big fans of electronic music, so being able to incorporate that to our sound gave us new spark as a band and helped shape the message of the song.”

ATENA have pushed through to become one of the most noteworthy metalcore acts from Norway as well as proving there’s more than black metal that roams in the country by extensive touring through Europe. With a deep inspiration from hip hop, classical composers and love for heavy music the band entwine these elements together with lyrics of darker episodes that occur through life. ATENA’s latest, critically acclaimed album “Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled With Water”earned them international praise. According to Metal Hammer UK, “Atena’s willingness to push boundaries needs to be applauded”, while one of Norway’s biggest newspapers Dagbladet praised them for being “something semi-exotic in the Norwegian metal flora.”

ATENA are:

Vebjørn Iversen – Guitar

Jakob Skogli – Vocals

Ulrik Linstad – Bass

Fredrik Kåsin – Drums

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