13 Tracks to Frighten Agatha Black comes to Bluray on Dec 13th

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“13 Tracks To Frighten Agatha Black” is coming to Blu-ray on December 13, 2022 | Pre-order November 15, 2022 from VIPCO & Bayview Entertainment. 

After a tragic event, a sheltered young woman seeks the comfort of some long-forgotten scary story records from her youth. The specter of losing her family home and a string of crimes in her neighborhood propel her toward a dark obsession with the frightening tales. Eerily, they begin to reveal occult truths and hint at a violent, inescapable fate. Like a disease, the stories begin to infect others who enter her world, creating disturbing encounters that bring her to the threshold of terror. 

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Pre-order “13 Tracks To Frighten Agatha Black”

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