What’s in a finger? The Walking Dead Inspires ‘Flip Off Fridays’?

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Introducing “Flip Off Fridays”

For those who just don’t get it yet, and apparently there are quite a few, let’s get this flippin the bird thing out of the way once and for all and use it in the best way possible!! There are SO many reasons that this is a great identifier for survivors… let me start with stating the most obvious, Daryl FUCKIN Dixon… Beth and Daryl made this a victory symbol as far as I’m concerned, perhaps even an “unspoken” gesture of respect, one survivor to another. I can’t be the only one that gets it! The video clip and song say it all…



For the rest of us… because it’s fun and turns all the right heads, Survivors I salute you for finally being able to tell the world to “FLIP OFF”!! 

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