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With the lingering uncertainty and shaky “news” of another Friday the 13th film, Slasher Radio decided to sit down with none other than Thom Mathews to get his take on everything. Please see below talking points as well as timestamps.

-Referring to his filmography he responds “Lets see what happens in the next 6 months or so, you may be seeing something else” (33:43)

-Discusses upcoming roles:
      -Friday the 13th call-back ‘FINAL SUMMER’ and it’s setting at Camp Silver Lake & planned sequel (33:55)
      -Confirms ‘NEVER HIKE ALONE 2’ trailer dropping January 13th
      -Details ‘GO AWAY’ with Felissa Rose (36:20)
      -Getting the chance to play a harbinger role in upcoming ‘JAMMIN’ DEAD’ (37:30)

-Discusses & details ‘NEVER HIKE ALONE 2’ (40:35)
      -Vincent Guastaferro returning as Sheriff Rick Cologne & plot points for that
      -Confirms direct continuation of ‘NEVER HIKE ALONE’
-The growth of fan films in Horror (41:40)

-Wanting Friday the 13th to follow the footsteps of Halloween with direct sequels and legacy characters such as Tommy Jarvis (43:25, 47:00)

-Relationship with James Karen (50:35)
      -Sharing the same birthday & celebrating together for years
      -James Karen telling him the story of walking in on President JFK & Marylin Monroe having sex at a Jason Robards play (53:30)
-Friday the 13th film reviews/rankings & thoughts on the franchise before getting the role in Part 6 (57:52)

-Tom McLoughlin telling him of a Friday the 13th script he has READY TO GO (1:01:35)
      -Does not include Tommy Jarvis
      -Setting in a different location of Camp Crystal Lake in 1990
      -Female heavy cast
      -McLoughlin being a huge horror fan and his detail for call-backs in Part 6

-Details his dream opening/plot of a new Friday the 13th film involving global warming (1:06:50)

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Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated!
-Slasher Radio Team

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