BOOK REVIEW – “Thing of Nightmares” by Mark Rivett

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“Thing of Nightmares” is a book any steampunk/fantasy reader will absolutely adore. A crime investigation, chasing the “Clockwork Killer” opens the door to a spiral of conspiracies, murders and lots of blood.

Rivett’s writing is very clear, very easy to read. You turn the pages without realizing. With all the introductions and descriptions he needs to expose to guide the reader, it never gets slow or boring.

Characters are realistic, you can relate to what they feel, which sticks you to the book.
I especially liked the crime thread. People enraged because they are just, scared. The law failing in their conclusions, blindness and above all, despair.

This title is sorted as horror but it’s more than that. The reader can find fantastic creatures, werewolves, vampires… but also a terrifying insane serial killer, as well as a group of teenagers who are completely unaware of what is awaiting them.
Psychological terror, adventure, action, police investigations. Panic, encrypted answers, a race against time.

What is the Clockwork Killer up to? A master… finishing the last creation. Something lurking in the entrails of a machine. Chaos, ruin.

The author creates a dark, enigmatic environment you won’t be able to escape from. The end of the book is like trying to distinguish a crawling figure through the fog. You know it’s there, and it freezes your blood, but you need to get a bit closer so you can perceive… an abomination.
It’s the first Rivett book I read, and I can tell it’s not the last one. I sincerely recommend it.

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