The Unfamiliar releases in the UK Today

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THE UNFAMILIAR tells the story of a British Army doctor (Jemima West) who comes back from war, thinking she has PTSD, only to discover that there are malevolent spirits present at home, making the life that she knew unfamiliar.

THE UNFAMILIAR was produced exclusively in The United Kingdom and showcased a unique fusion of British, European, Australian, Canadian and South African talent. The Anglo-French Jemima West (Indian Summer, The Mortal Instruments) stars in the lead role, and rising thespian, the Scottish Rebecca Hanssen (Tell It to the Bees, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton) forms part of the ensemble. The award-winning South African–born director, Henk Pretorius (Fanie Fourie’s Lobola, Leading Lady) directed the film and co-wrote the original screenplay with Canadian writer: Jennifer Nicole Stang. 

Critiques praise THE UNFAMILIAR for its uniquely twisted plot, the building of tension throughout the film and stellar performances. 

“The Unfamiliar is a masterclass in tension building. From formatting to sound design to scene-stealing, off-kilter kids, this movie knows how to keep us off balance.”

 – Katelyn Nelson, Killer Horror Critic 

“Fans of the genre can expect a ‘uniquely twisted’ viewing experience.” 

– Jacob Stolworthy, The Independent  

“With solid acting performances, a delightfully twisty narrative, and exquisite use of practical effects, “The Unfamiliar” is a can’t-miss.” 

– Moe Long, Cup Of Moe 

“Legitimate scares coupled with unique ideas and great acting, especially from Jemima West, makes for recommended viewing when it comes to The Unfamiliar.” 

– Jeremie Sabourin, Cinema Smack

“A unique perspective on how PTSD impacts families.”

 – Lauren Anderson, Showbiz CheatSheet 

THE UNFAMILIAR was produced by award-winning Britain-based production company Dark Matter Studios’ Llewelynn Greeff and Barend Kruger in association with Trigger Films and Onsight. LIONSGATE UK releases THE UNFAMILIAR in The United Kingdom digitally on 11 September 2020 on leading VOD platforms.


Cast: Jemima West (The Mortal Instruments, Indian Summers), Christopher Dane (Ren), Rebecca Hanssen (Tell it to the Bees, Lore, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton) and introducing Harry McMillan-Hunt

Director: Henk Pretorius Screenwriter: Henk Pretorius and Jennifer Nicole Stang

Producers: Llewelynn Greeff and Barend Kruger Production Company: Dark Matter Studios

Social Media Handles: @unfamiliarmovie #TheUnfamiliar


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