THE INSTITUTE – Out Next Tuesday March 22

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“an excellent horror mystery” – Horror Obsessive

“I loved the ending, and that’s a testament to Zaman’s ability to create and maintain tension, as well as his instincts on how to blindside viewers with unexpected horror” – Pop Horror


Official Trailer!

Coming to On Demand Platforms, DVD, Blu-ray and Cable on March 22nd

Gravitas Ventures, an Anthem Sports & Entertainment company, and Kamikaze Dogfright will release the frightening The Institute, award winning filmmaker and critically acclaimed playwright, Hamza Zaman’s feature directorial debut. Starring Ignacyo Matynia (“A Good Cop”), Victorya Brandart (“The Bay”), Mark Lobene, Joy Donze, Claire McClain, Louisa Bradshaw, Jarred Harper and Grammy and Emmy award-winner John Easterlin star in the artful psychological thriller that asks the question, “how far would you go to have a child?”.

The film tells of a young couple, desperate to have a child, that begin treatment at a renowned doctor’s secluded facility. The couple becomes suspicious when the medical regimen brings on psychological side effects and try to learn the truth about The Institute.
Produced by Headless Films, Whiptail Wallaby Productions and Conducive Productions. The Institute will be released on multiple VOD platforms, Satellite & Cable networks and on Blu-Ray\DVD at select retailers on March 22.

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