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LOVING THIS!!! Narrative Design and Mission Art for THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR

We are LOVING the art direction for this so we thought we’d post a snippet directly from the site’s blog with a little sneak peak at all that Walking Dead artistry that has us all so excit...


Think You’d Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? You’ve got it ALL WRONG!!!

SO, you’ve got some rations? You think you know all about the double tap? From The Walking Dead to Zombieland and beyond, everybody thinks they’ve got this whole zombie apocalypse thing fi...


“This Is Where the A**holes Live”: Visit Negan’s Sanctuary

  So AMC has released a bevy of new clips from episode 4 of Season 7 of TWD. Until now we have pretty much had the impression of each of this new world’s fiefdoms acting autonomously with N...


The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek

Yes, yes, yes. We keep posting Walking Dead stuff because quite frankly, we just can’t wait for its return October 23rd. With a stunning cliff hanger that could put any of the cast at the mercy ...


5 TWD moments that changed Rick’s character forever

The Season 7 Premiere is right around the corner and the world of the survivors is about to get much, much bigger. Before Rick‘s life changes forever, take a look back at five of Rick’s iconic moments...


The Cast and Creators on Why You’ll Love to Hate Negan

He’s “charming” and a “sadist.” He’s “charismatic” and a “cold-blooded killer.” He’s Negan. Now that he and Lucille are here, things will never be the same for the survivors. So how does Negan change ...


Welcome to Negan’s World – New TWD Season 7 Trailer

Yes, we are impatiently waiting for the new season of The Walking Dead to start. Yes, we will keep posting trailers till that happens. Yes, we need a support group. You’re welcome.

the-walking-dead-trailer premiere

Get Ready for the World Premiere Trailer for the New Season of The Walking Dead!

Will any secrets be revealed? Will Glenn get a bat to the skull? Will Negan spontaneously break into song and dance. Will Daryl discover soap? Well, who knows if any of these will be hinted at in tomo...

The Healing Art of Horror

Enduring The Walking Dead If you are a domestic abuse or sexual violence survivor ANDa fan of the show, I’m betting you’re a super fan like myself.  This show takes visual survival to a whole new leve...