Review – Cult of Chucky (2017)

I’ve always felt like the Child’s Play franchise was divided into three worlds: the original films (1-3), the slapsticky spoofs of the resurgence (Bride & Seed) and the last two films (Curse and t...


“Gnawbone”, the debut creature feature from writer/director Darrin Means

SYNOPSIS: When Tommy was only a boy he witnessed the brutal murder of his Grandfather by someone… or something. Now years later, a psychologist wants Tommy to return to the scene of the crime to face ...


“GNAWBONE” – New Retro-Indie Creature Feature – Trailer, Art, Creature Pics

It is the story about a boy that witnesses something that takes the life of his Grandfather. Thinking that the traumatic event created a false memory, a psychologist wants the now twenty one year old ...