Slasher Comedy “CHOPPING BLOCK” Unveils New Poster!

chopping5Five kidnappers find themselves in a bloody situation in the brand new poster for the upcoming slasher comedy CHOPPING BLOCK!

CHOPPING BLOCK follows a group of recently fired corporate workers out of work and out of luck. Desperate times call for desperate measures as they decide to kidnap their ex-boss’s daughter for a much needed ransom. Things take a bloody turn when the boss’s daughter just happens to be the only survivor of the masked psychopath “Sadie Grace”. Hilarity and bloodshed ensue when Sadie shows up to finish what she started!

Chopping Block stars comedian Michael Malone, Jas Sams (V/H/S), Raymond Kester (Proxy) Haley Jay Madison (Headless) and more. The film is Written & Directed by Joshua Hull (Beverly Lane, The Impersonators).

Renowned artist DOALY created the poster for the film. He had this to say about the poster design:

“I wanted the poster for Chopping Block to embrace everything from classic horror posters from my youth, for me that is the holly trinity of dripping blood, a sharp killing tool and a shadowy figure.”

The film will premiere at the Hamilton 16 IMAX in Noblesville, Indiana on Feb. 27th at midnight. Premiere attendees will have their chance to take a piece of the film home with them as a limited edition “Sadie Grace” figure, created by One Of A Kind Customs, will be raffled off.

CHOPPING BLOCK will soon hit the road for more screenings, conventions & festivals!

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