Short to watch for at SXSW: Night of the Slasher

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Multi award-winning short film and media sensation, Night of the Slasher, written and directed by Shant Hamassian, has been selected at SXSW 2016. Three screenings are scheduled during the festival. The filmmaker and members of his team will be in attendance for a Q & A.

The film that DREAD CENTRAL says “Really needs to be seen by all lovers of the ‘girl alone’ setup in fright flicks” has already played in 110 festivals, won over 30 awards, and competed at two Oscar® qualifying festivals; the St. Louis International Film Festival in Missouri, USA and the Foyle Film Festival in Ireland.  Horror Freak News placed it as the #1 Horror Short of 2015. The article along with others have gone viral and spread the news to 1.5 million Facebook feeds.

Filmmaker Shant Hamassian and producer Adam Lesar are attending SXSW for the duration of the festival, to promote Night of the Slasher, and also pitch the feature version of this short, which is actually a “proof-of-concept”. They are currently seeking financing, production partners, and distribution.

“For years, I kept running into closed doors, but now SXSW has opened a big one! But it’s not just a financial investment we are seeking, but an investment and trust in the vision and in myself,” explains director Shant Hamassian.

Night of the Slasher is a ‘shot-in-one-take’ film about a teenage girl who must commit horror movie sins in order to lure a masked killer so she can exact revenge.

Official Trailer:

Starring Lily Berlina (the Slasher girl), Scott Javore (the Bait), and Adam Lesar (the Killer), Night of the Slasher is written and directed by Shant Hamassian, produced by Adam Lesar, Eve Constance, and Shant Hamassian. Cinematography by Eli Tahan, Visual FX by Alessandro SchiassiMichaelangelo Frisoni, and Music by Simon Michel.

To find out more about Night of the Slasher, full list of awards, and its tour calendar, please check the official website

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