Scarlet Lane Brewing Company Announces HorrorHound Ale

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company and HorrorHound have teamed up to create the first HorrorHound Weekend official beer.

horrorhound-ale-illustrationThe HorrorHound beer will debut in celebration of the yearly genre fan event, happing in Indianapolis at the Marriott East September 9 – 11th.

Drawing several thousands of people to the event every year, HorrorHound Weekend is a weekend long celebration of all things horror. For the first time in its history HorrorHound Weekend will now have its own beer associated with the event available on draft and in limited edition bottles.

Working with HorrorHound, Scarlet Lane Brewing is developing a blood red cherry pale ale named HorrorHound Ale; combining a Northwest style pale with all natural sweet cherries and natural coloring. The limited edition ale will be available on draft at the event, during pre-party tappings and at the brewery in McCordsville, IN. Also available, only at HorrorHound weekend, will be limited edition 22oz bombers.  The HorrorHound Ale bombers have custom designed logos that will incorporate space for fans to receive their favorite horror celebrity’s autograph directly on the bottle.

The HorrorHound Ale celebration will kick off on July 23rd at Scarlet Lane Brewing Company 7724 Depot St., McCordsville, IN as local Indy band Chemical Envy literally rocks the yeast of the fermenting HorrorHound Ale. The July 23rd event starts at 8PM with other local tappings being announced during the show.

You can get your HorrorHound tickets at:

About Scarlet Lane Brewing Company: Scarlet Lane Brewing Company was launched in May 2014 in McCordsville, Indiana. Owners/Founders Eilise Lane, Doug Sheets and Nick Servies are Indiana natives. The Company operates as a female owned business with majority female interest and investment in the Company. Head Brewer Eilise Lane is a graduate of the American Brewers Guild and learned her craft while living in Oregon. Scarlet Lane produces three flagship beers: Dorian Stout, Tiberius Centurion IPA and Lenore Dry-Hopped Ale, as well as, a rotation of Seasonal and Specialty Beers. You can find Scarlet Lane beers on draft and in bottles throughout Indiana.


About HorrorHound Weekend: HorrorHound Weekend is an award-winning convention initially launched in Indianapolis in 2007 in association with HorrorHound Magazine. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, HorrorHound Ltd. has existed for over ten years, working within various branding industries – including publishing, conventions, apparel, toys, film, and music. For more information on HorrorHound Ltd. and its sister companies (HorrorHound Records, HorrorHound Films), please visit

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Ash Hamilton is not only the owner of, but also one of its major contributors. A long time horror movie enthusiast, Ash has lent his personality to radio and television and continues to support his favorite genre through his writing and art. He also loves beef jerky and puppies... and low-grade street-quality hallucinogens.

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  1. Do you yourself, Horror-fix have any events coming up?

    • We are actually currently in the process of securing a venue for March/April 2017. If everything goes as planned, we are looking at one of the largest horror events nationally, and yes, it will even be here in Springfield, IL!

      • schweet!! Any public announcements i can let slip yet? :-p

  2. Also, while i’m here, I am 98% sure I will be starting to host my own internet radio show soon… sunday nights from 6-12… dead times on air!! whoop whoop!!


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