Ron Keel’s “Streets of Rock N Roll” added On Mondays to Sammy Radio / Red Rocker

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Sammy Radio is excited to announce the addition of the Ron Keel “Streets Of Rock N Roll” Radio Show, starting Monday, January 30th, from 5pm to 6pm PT, and every Monday after that! Rest assured it’s gonna bring some kick-ass rocking good times!

Ron Keel’s show has exploded into a house-hold name and after the Rock n Roll Happy Hour interview on Sammy Radio, we all figured that this would be an awesome fit for our listeners! So we struck a deal to make this yet another first … one more of many to come! Collaborations such as this are meant to be! So be sure to tune in to on Mondays to get a dose of the “Street Of Rock N Roll”

Ron Keel’s STREETS OF ROCK N ROLL is built on a solid but diverse foundation of all styles of rock music and highlighted by compelling exclusive interviews with multi-platinum rock stars, celebrities, authors and new artists. Keel takes the listeners along on his travels around the world and backstage at some of the industry’s biggest events, creating a unique and entertaining listening experience each week.

From 2012-2014, million-selling rocker Ron Keel’s “STREETS OF ROCK N ROLL” syndicated radio show aired on up to 50 FM/AM/online stations worldwide. Then Keel was handpicked to spearhead the launch of a revolutionary new Midwest rock station, KBAD 94.5 FM (Sioux Falls) and spent three consecutive ratings periods as the #1 voice on the #1 rock station in that market. In 2019 Ron re-launched STREETS OF ROCK N ROLL weekly, combining the passion that initially ignited his broadcasting career with his years of experience on live radio.

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