Review – The Crossing (Short-2019)

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Director Thomas Haley’s 2018 short film, The Crossing, is a fantastic reminder to those of us who cut our teeth on 80’s and 90’s horror why those decades were just so much damn fun. The Crossing feels like a Saturday night rental of the best variety and packs the best of the genre’s punches in its 15 minute running time WHICH , in and of itself, becomes one of the short’s most impressive feats.

The Crossing opens on a young couple, stuck at , as luck would have it, a crossing where the blushing bride gushes about her beau’s attempts to steal a kiss, whenever he can, of which he is doing remarkably well. Their affections are short-lived as we are introduced to the story’s antagonist, a spectral bride whose honeymoon was cut short by tragedy.

These conventions ,when looked through the lens of a jaded fan might seem tired and overused, but here they seem like an earnest homage to the medium, bringing a true cinematic charm to the effort. Cinematic is indeed the feeling one gets while watching The Crossing. During its duration we are introduced to our first set of victims, an urban legend that serves as the backstory ,our lead , a flashback AND a cameo from horror veteran Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp 1and 2, Victor Crowley). We get so much in such a short time that there is a sense of completeness to The Crossing that we rarely see in short films.

The Crossing manages to have fun while reveling in its ability to tribute those that came before it. Unapologetic and self aware, with a strong lead (Brooklyn Haley) and a decidedly iconic villain, The Crossing feels like a precursor to a larger whole, and that’s not a bad thing at all. RECOMMENDED.

The Crossing is currently making rounds nationally in the festival circuit but will see a public release on both iTunes and Amazon Prime just in time for the Halloween season!

The Crossing manages to have fun while reveling in its ability to tribute those that came before it.
  • Solid Cast
  • Great throwback to what makes horror great
  • Iconic New Villain
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  1. Love my character of “The Bride” being called an “iconic villain”! Played by Victoria De Mare, by the way. Thanks!!

    • We loved it!!!

      • Thank you so much!! And, in case you didn’t notice in the credits, but my song “Haunted” plays in the last 2 scenes & is also the end credits song that I wrote, produced, & performed!


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