REC 4: Apocalypse gets a trailer!!!

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I really, REALLY have enjoyed the REC series thus far. I found the original to not only make effective use of the POV treatment that has repeatedly fallen flat since but also to be a truly jump-worthy scare fest when viewed in the right setting. Its successor, REC2, actually stands out as one of my favorite horror sequels, taking what made the original so great and giving us something that actually expanded upon the mythology in such a way that it was both surprising and refreshing. Although REC3 was a mixed bag for many, it still had quite a few tricks up its sleeve and managed to give us a fun little installment despite many of its shortcomings. Enter, REC4, which surprisingly wasn’t even on my radar. Looks like the series is managing to return to continuity and also expand on the scope of the first two films (hence the admittedly generic “Apocalypse” subtitle. Regardless, I’m just happy to see a new entry and am frankly pretty excited to see where this goes. BEHOLD! The embed for trailer lies below!!!

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