Paranormal investigator David Zayas releases chilling autobiography

America’s Most Haunted Courthouse at the Center of New Paranormal Memoir The Zayas Zone: A Haunted Life & Notes From The Haunted Courthouse

Paranormal investigator David Zayas’ chilling supernatural autobiography The Zayas Zone: A Haunted Life & Notes From The Haunted Courthouseis now available exclusively at Amazon in softcover and Kindle editions, just in time for the Halloween season.

The Zayas Zone is the author’s non-fiction account of his terrifying supernatural experiences while working as a title searcher at the historic and extremely haunted Atlantic County Courthouse in Mays Landing, NJ – this following decades of haunted encounters and unexplained events in his own life that inspired him to study such phenomena. 

Even though the author hails from a highly superstitious and paranormally-prone Hispanic family, nothing could prepare him for the horrific brushes with the unknown that he and other employees faced at the most haunted county seat in America.

“This stuff will definitely make it hard to sleep at night, but you won’t want to put the book down. The second-to-last chapter is among the scariest 40 pages I’ve ever read.” – Tom Ciuba

Equal parts sheer terror, nostalgia, and dark humor, The Zayas Zone: A Haunted Life & Notes From The Haunted Courthouse is David Zayas’ debut book. David is a regular contributing writer for the world-renowned supernatural journal Weird NJ.  And although he has spent decades chasing phantoms, he never thought they would find him first. 

The Zayas Zone can be purchased on Amazon:

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