Over 60 Horror Creators to Raise Funds for BLACK LIVES MATTER

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In solidarity with the current monumental civil rights movement, Black Vortex Cinema and the contributors behind the My Favorite Horror Movie trilogy are signing copies of the books to raise money for Black Lives Matter LA organization.

Over 60 horror creators are expected to sign their respective chapters in the trilogy. Each book will cost $25, which includes free U.S. shipping. The signers are also donating DVDs, Blu-Rays. novels, CDs, stickers, and other goodies to be randomly placed into each shipment. All proceeds will benefit Black Lives Matter LA (BLMLA.ORG), a movement of organized members committing their lives to the Black freedom struggle, while adopting a womanist/Black nationalist framework, with a queer and trans lens. 

Sales will run through June 30th while supplies last exclusively at MyFavoriteHorrorMovie.com

Horror creators slated to sign (with more to be announced):

My Favorite Horror Movie (Part 1): Alex Napiwocki (Animals and Children), Blake Reigle (One of Us), C. Courtney Joyner (Class of 1999), Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever), Chuck Parello (Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer 2), Clint Carney (Dry Blood), Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red), Eric Spudic (Aquanoids), Ernie Trinidad (Howard: The Doc), Esther Goodstein (The Black Room), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Frank Merle (The Employer), Hunter Johnson (Irrational Fear), James Cullen Bressack (Beyond the Law), Jared Rivet (Are You Afraid of the Dark?), Joshua Lou Friedman (Automation), Matt Mercer (Dementia Part II), Michael Klug (Space), Miguel Rodriguez (Horrible Imaginings), Nick Phillips (Pet), Rolfe Kanefsky (The Black Room), Sarah Nicklin (The Haunting of Alice D) Sean Decker (HalloweenMovies.com), Trista Robinson (Echoes of Fear), contributor & cover designer Josh McKevitt (American Horror Story: Cult) and Editor & Contributor Christian Ackerman (Slayer: The Repentless Trilogy)

My Favorite Horror Movie 2: The New Blood: Editors Christian Ackerman & Felissa Rose, cover designer Josh McKevitt, Alexis Iacono (Laff Mob’s Laff Tracks), Andrew Kasch (Tales of Halloween), Brooke Lewis (iMurders), Chris Lorusso (Hi-8), Chris Sergi (Into the Dark: I’m Just Fucking with You), Erick Wessel (Mystic Museum), Jesse Merlin (Bliss), Larry Ross (Blast From The Past), London May (Samhain), Matt Oswalt (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Matthew Currie Holmes (The Curse of Buckout Road), Michael Varrati (Dragula), Mike Mendez (Tales of Halloween), Paul Haynes (I’ll Be Gone in the Dark), Steven Shea (Film FestEvil), Theresa Tilly (The Evil Dead), Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley), Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs)

My Favorite Horror Movie 3: Scream Warriors: Editors Christian Ackerman & Felissa Rose, cover designer Josh McKevitt, Aaron Laplante (Hotel Transylvania 3), Aaron Mento (Ugly Sweater Party), Ama Lea (Deathcember), Charles Chudabala (Ugly Sweater Party), Chelsea Stardust (Satanic Panic), Chris Gore (Film Threat), Dave Reda (Bit Parts), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Gregory Blair (Deadly Revisions), Heidi Honeycutt (Etheria Film Night), Josh Miller (Sonic the Hedgehog), JP Ouellette (Captured), Michael Coulombe (Soundbite), Michael Kallio (Hatred of a Minute), Robert Parigi (Tales from the Crypt), Ronnie Angel (Slashed Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films),  Sean Keller (Into the Dark: All That We Destroy) Stephen Imhoff (Excision)

Other goodies being donated to throw into shipments for free at random: 

The Evil Dead Behind the Scenes Photos autographed by Actor Theresa Tilly!

The People Under the Stairs DVD- signed by Actor Yan Birch

HooDoo For VooDoo DVDs – from Director Steven Shea (Starring Tiffany Shepis)

Hoodoo For VooDoo Soundtrack CDs -from the Steven Shea film!

Film FestEvil novels by Writer Steven Shea!

Film FestEvil  evil Oscar pins by Steven Shea!

From Jennifer DVDs from Director Frank Merle!

The Employer DVDs from Director Frank Merle!

The Black Room Blu-Ray from Producer Esther Goodstein!

Irrational Fear DVDs from Director Hunter Johnson!

2 Jennifer DVD from Director Hunter Johnson!

Garbage Pail Kids, EC Comics reprints, & other goodies from Writer Paul Haynes!

Ugly Sweater Party Blu-Rays from Director Aaron Mento!

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 2 DVDs signed by Director Chuck Parello!

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 2 T-Shirts from Director Chuck Parello!

Ed Gein DVDs signed by Director Chuck Parello!

Hellraiser Anthology Volume Two books from contributor Stephen Imhoff!

Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles books from contributor Stephen Imhoff!

Stickers from VFX Artist Juli Hapney!

Random DVDs from Christian Ackerman’s Collection!

Enamel Pins and Stickers from the team at Forever Midnight!

and much more to be announced on our website!!

About the books:

Edited by filmmakers Christian Ackerman, Felissa  Rose, & Chuck Foster, with covers by Josh McKevitt, the My Favorite Horror Movie trilogy features 150 essays by horror filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, painters, musicians, journalists and film festival directors about the film that drove their passion for horror and helped shaped their lives. 

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