Orphan Killer’s Matt Farnsworth Making Murder History

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In an unprecedented move, Matt Farnsworth, Director and Creator, of the award-winning, banned Orphan Killer movie has made a bold decision. He has made The Orphan Killer movie free to anyone with a bloody email address. That’s right folks.
Horror fans can now watch the full length Orphan Killer feature film in High Definition absolutely free.

Farnsworth released this statement ” This is my murder initiative. I am proud of all this film has accomplished. I love the fans-The Orphan family that keeps this cruel TOK revolution alive. It is my goal to allow everyone in the world to see my film at the highest possible quality available online. I am not doing this because I have to do this. I want people to understand that. Hollywood studios offered to put this film out. I am doing this because I can. I want fans to see the film the way that myself and producer/star Diane Foster wanted them to see it. Un-rated and Un-cut. There are many pirates of this film. Over one million people have illegally downloaded TOK. I don’t blame them, as a matter of fact, I am happy they want to see my film that badly. Brutality this good should never be missed. Now I want them to see the best quality possible. A lot of the pirates do not rip the film properly. The sound is odd. The picture is not full HD. What we are releasing here is pure HD with exquisite sound. After people watch the film they have the opportunity to go and buy the film on Bluray or DVD and add it to their collection. Everyone on the planet should have access to The Orphan Killer and we intend on making that happen with this official online release”.

To watch the film follow this link:

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