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Pat Fitzhugh has written two books about the Bell Witch legend: “The Bell Witch Haunting” and “The Bell Witch: The Full Account.” Two later movies took the name of his first book. His second book, “The Bell Witch: The Full Account,” introduced over 50 previously unpublished facts about the case, making it the first major publication about the subject since Ingram. It also debunked several popular myths and misconceptions, and provided extensive bibliographical footnotes and discussion notes, effectively raising the bar for modern Bell Witch research. Most Bell Witch books and articles published after “The Full Account” have made extensive use of the information it introduced, and mostly without attribution.

Fitzhugh played a role in 2015’s A&E’s TV series, “Cursed! The Bell Witch,” where he acted as an advisor to the sleuths who were investigating the case. He has also been a contributing author of several publications, including “Weird US,” from Barnes and Noble Press. He wrote the foreword to Lori Crane’s Amazon bestseller, “The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge,” and is interviewed on the Hollywood motion picture DVD, “An American Haunting,” starring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland.  His other credits include appearing  in productions aired by Fox Entertainment, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting, and The Travel Channel. His latest appearance was in Small Town Monsters’ 2020 documentary movie entitled, “The Mark of the Bell Witch.” Also in 2020, as a musician, he collaborated with award-winning songwriter Mike Richards to pen “The Bell Witch – Let the Game Begin,” which released to all retailers on October 1st. Soon thereafter, the song debuted at #7 on the Blues and Roots Radio charts, peaking at #3 in early December.

Pat Fitzhugh resides in middle Tennessee. He held elected public office from 1990-1992, and has in the past been a member of the Robertson County Historical Society, Toastmasters International, and Sertoma. He is currently involved with the Nashville Blues and Roots Music Alliance, and serves on the Board of Directors of a non-profit historic preservation group. In his limited spare time, he enjoys road trips, photography, and fishing. He is also an accomplished guitarist and session musician, specializing in rock and blues.

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