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HalloVineFresh off success with SHOCK VALUE, director Doug Rath is testing the concept for his next movie in an interesting way: creating a 6 second scene for Eli Roth’s The Crypt as part of The Crypt’s 13 Days of #HalloVine.

“To be honest I’d never made a Vine before. The prospect of creating something mysterious and scary in 6 seconds was challenging – I’m used to thinking in terms of long-format story-telling. It’s no easy task to convey story, character and tone in such a quick timeframe and I was surprised by how addictive it is. There’s something inherently surreal and rhythmic about how Vine loops, it’s hypnotic. The longer you watch it the more it evolves and takes on new meanings. I look forward to creating more, and am excited about using these quick glimpses as part of developing a feature film. As we move ahead, Il Sonnambulo is going to terrorize you 6 seconds at a time!”

The Crypt, Roth’s multi channel digital scare network, has been hosting top directors from across the horror genre as creators take on a new type of short form filmmaking. When called on for his #HalloVine turn Rath took the opportunity to create a chilling original clip that showcases the character from what he hopes to be his next film, Il Sonnambulo.

The dark scene, which is sure to intrigue horror fans as much as it scares them, features two top Vine stars: Korbin Miles and Olivia Sui.

Roth created The Crypt with an eye towards evolving trends in filmmaking and is a fan of not only the format, but what directors can do with it.

“HalloVine is a celebration of the independent spirit and creativity of the best DIY filmmaking. It’s great for filmmakers to be able to come on The Crypt test out their concept on our different

platforms and use it to turn their vision into reality and hopefully eventually a feature film or series.”

The sneak peak of Il Sonnambulo can be found on all of The Cryptʼs social channels @fearthecrypt and on The Cryptʼs mobile iPhone application.

The direct link for the video is below.

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