Mareld arrives August 9 on Digital

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Award-Winning Swedish Psychological Thriller “Marled” Coming to Digital August 9th


Mill Creek Entertainment, a division of Alliance Entertainment, announces the release of Mutiny Pictures’ Swedish psychological thriller Mareld coming to Digital August 9, 2022. A film crew sets sail on a catamaran to film a horror film where the scenes are improvised in chronological order, keeping the cast in the dark about the story. But what happens behind the scenes may be the real horror. Blending beautiful cinematography with behind-thescenes documentary film, this experimental feature blurs the boundary between fiction and reality. The cutting-edge film is the winner of over 50 awards (and nominated for 34 more) at film festivals around the world, including Around International Film Festival, New York International Film Awards, IndieFEST Film Awards, and many more. The winner of Best Feature in the Creation International Film Festival 2021, Mareld stars Hanna Oldenburg (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Animalistic), Viktor Akerblom (Border, Agent Hamilton), Moa Malan (The Giant), and Matti Boustedt (The Unlikely Murder). In a new-age, high concept of filmmaking, director Ove Valeskog mixes documentary style with narrative film for a uniquely surreal and immersive experience. Check out the trailer here and twist your mind between reality and fiction in the Digital release of Mareld, coming August 9, 2022.

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